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Find A Good Architect

arc2Wondering how to find a good architect for your project? Nothing is as exciting and satisfying as building a beautiful home from scratch or watching the old one get a whole new look before your very own eyes. The outcome of the project, however, will be heavily influenced by the architect you hire. It is his/her plan that dictates the eventual appearance of the home, plus the total financial costs involved in the construction. Here are a few tips to help you find the right person.

  1. Ask for referrals

Word of mouth is a good way to get names of these professionals in your area. Ask family ,friends or neighbors whether they can recommend the architect they worked with .Take time to inquire about the professionalism, cost and quality of the work done. While you don’t have to hire the same person , you will get something to work with.

  1. Look at their previous work

Like other professionals, most architects have profiles and/or websites which can be very useful resources when it comes to the evaluation process .Try to find samples of their previous work. Look for any similarities in design, quality, material motifs and other aspects that can give you a clue of how their work turns out. That way, you can be able to determine if they’re suited to your own project.

  1. Schedule an interview

Once you have a few names of possible candidates for your project , it’s time to meet them and engage in a conversation. The initial consultation can happen in the office or out on the project site and should be absolutely free (make sure to ask this before scheduling anything). You should ideally carry a list of questions to ask the professional; Have you handled a similar project before? What approach would you take in this project?

  1. What are their fees?

Before deciding on anyone for your project, be sure to inquire what and how they charge for the project.arc Some architects work with hourly rates while others may ask for a flat rate (typically for smaller jobs). Others will charge as a specified percentage of the total costs (typically for large jobs) with an upfront payment to cover the initial design. While still at it, remember to request for rough estimates of the expected construction costs. You can use these to see who charges what you have budgeted for or are comfortable paying.

Since construction projects are often huge investments, it’s very important to get things right the first time, including the people who will handle the project. Follow these simple tips on how to find a good architect to make a wise choice.…

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Eating Only Vegetables

vegNo doubt, including a variety of vegetables in your meal will provide a host of nutrients that are essential for your body. It is an excellent choice for those prospecting to lose weight and also for those who want to maintain their current body weight. However, consuming vegetables only is not a good strategy to attain proper health.

Often, it is a peoples’ pre-conceived notion that vegetables are healthy and should, therefore, be eaten singly. The truth of the matter is that consuming vegetables alone makes your body lack other equally important minerals and vitamins. In the long run, you end up stuffing your body system with excess nutrients that are not needed while depriving your system of other essential foodstuffs.

Why vegetables are important for you

Currently, research shows that most people consume less than half of the portion of vegetables that is recommended in their diet. Adults need to consume at least 2 cups of vegetables and a similar amount of fruit daily among other variations of food items. Vegetables have been proven to reduce the occurrence serious health complications such as diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, bone loss, cancer, stroke, heart disease, kidney stones and obesity. Even better, regular intake of vegetables is said to increase your overall risk of mortality.veg2

Should I consume vegetables only?

Health experts do not recommend consumption of vegetables only. In order to pursue proper health, you must balance your food intake. Vegetables contain dietary fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Despite this fact, they do not contain fat or proteins. Proteins are the basic building blocks of any living being. They replace worn out cells and tissues in the body and also synthesize muscle proteins. Fats are used to provide energy and the development of your brain. Further, fats make it possible for your body to absorb other food substances via the digestive tract.

Effects of taking vegetables alone do not start to show in the short term. Long-term deficiencies are disastrous and indeed more severe than you might have thought. First, your body can no longer absorb food substances due to lack of fat. Failure to absorb digested food substances leads to joint and muscle pain, swelling, dry skin, hair loss, cramps, headache, ulcers, depression and nausea.veg3As you might have well imagined, this condition is undesirable. Intake of supplements can avoid the complications mentioned above. Regardless, this is not the right way to eat healthily. Besides, who wants to eat vegetables alone from morning to evening? Be creative with what you eat, but also feel free to seek your doctors’ approval before any serious decision.…